Additional Learning Needs

How do we Cater for Children with Additional Learning Needs?

In line with Local Authority Guidelines, the school takes into account the Additional Learning Needs Code of Practice.  This Code of Practice is a guide for schools about the practical help they can give children with Additional Learning Needs.

The school has a policy statement on Additional Learning Needs Provision.  The children’s needs are identified and action is taken to meet those needs as early as possible, working with parents and carers.  An Individual Education Plan is composed for the child, whereby “next step” targets are set to help make progress.  These plans are reviewed and updated three times a year.

The Code of Practice recommends a graduated approach, through school action where pupils who require help are given a range of strategies to enable them to access the National Curriculum effectively.

“School Action Plus” is the next step when outside agencies may become involved with the pupil. In a very few instances, pupils may need to proceed further to a statutory assessment, leading to those pupils being provided with an Educational Statement.

This approach is designed to ensure the school systematically identifies, assesses and provides for the children with Additional Learning Needs.

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