Assessment and Target Setting

Baseline assessment is undertaken in our Nursery, and from this all pupil’s progress is tracked through their school career using an online tracking system. A combination of ongoing teacher assessment and more formal tests including NFER Standardised Assessments in Reading, Numeracy, Numerical Reasoning, and Non Verbal assessments are undertaken.  These are marked internally, and the results transferred to the Local Authority and Consortium to be analysed.  Pupils’ progress is tracked, and this allows for early identification of pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN), and More Able and Talented pupils.  These assessments give the evidence to identify what areas a pupil needs support in, or aspects of teaching to be developed.  We are in the process of developing portfolios to provide evidence of the work children achieve.  At the end of Foundation Phase (Year 2) pupils are assessed in Literacy, Numeracy and Personal and Social Wellbeing. At the end of Year 6, Pupils are assessed in English, Maths, Science and Welsh, against National Curriculum levels. Individual targets for improvement are drawn up from the information taken from these assessments.  Our online package “INCERTS” allows staff to record pupil progress in terms of acquisition of skills in the Core Subject areas.  These are passed on to the next teacher to inform them of pupil attainment and achievement as pupil’s progress through the school.

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