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Welcome to the E-Safety & Digital Leaders page where E-safety advice is posted and where the E-Cadets will display their work.

We take online safety very seriously at Hawthorne Primary School. To gain independent advice in how to stay safe, please follow the link: independent. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/

Making photos safe online

Tom has posted photos of himself doing silly things, messing about on Instagram. One of his friends has copied the photos and posted them on his Facebook page. Now everyone in school has seen Tom in the photos doing embarrassing things and he doesn’t like it when people start to tease him.

Tom walks on to the stage. He is clearly upset and sad.

Friend 1: You ok, Tom?

Tom: Not really. I put up an embarrassing photo on Instagram and now everyone’s teasing me about it.

Teasers: (Pointing at Tom and laughing) Ha ha Tom! You look really stupid, baby face!

Friend 1: But how did everyone get to see the pictures?

Tom: Someone shared them without asking me. I didn’t think you could do something like that. Now someone else has put them on Facebook and EVERYONE has seen them.

Friend 2: Didn’t you have your privacy settings set so only people in your contacts can view them?

Tom: Well, no. I didn’t know you could do that…

Friend 1: You should NEVER post anything on line without making sure it’s safe. Go to your settings and make sure that only your friends can see the things you post. That’s really important, Tom, especially for photos. You don’t know who’s got your photos if you leave them open to be viewed by anyone.

Tom: Thanks. I need to make sure I sort that.

Josh: Thanks for listening. Make sure you stay safe and keep your photos secure on line.

Lucy: You shouldn’t have a Facebook account unless you are 13 years old.

Holly: Make sure you set your privacy settings so that only people you know are able to contact you and see the things you post; this is really important if you put photos on line.

Connor: Make sure your password is strong. Use random words and numbers so people can’t guess it.

Everyone: Don’t forget, stay safe, set your privacy settings and keep your password long and strong!

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