Equal Opportunity & Disability Policies

Equal Opportunities

The school is committed to working towards race equality, promoting positive approaches to difference and fostering respect for people of all cultural and religious backgrounds.  The school is opposed to all forms of racial, gender based prejudice and discrimination. Language or behaviour, which is racist, homophobic and potentially damaging to any race or gender, will not be tolerated.  The school recognises that Wales and the UK have diverse societies that are made up of people from many different racial, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds. It is important that all pupils are adequately prepared to live in such a diverse society. All employees have a responsibility to read, understand and comply with this policy.  Copies of the current policy  are available on request.

Pupils with Disabilities

Access to the school curriculum and the school building for anybody disabled is dealt with in the school’s Accessibility Statement and Plan.  No individual will be discriminated against in terms of their accessing any aspect of school life, in line with our disability Equality Scheme.

Our excellent facilities have been designed to allow access for all stakeholders.  However, if necessary, reasonable adjustments will be made.  The Accessibility Statement/Plan and Disability Equality Scheme are available at the school on request.

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