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Croeso, welcome to Nursery’s web page.

Welcome back to another busy term. Our topic this term is ‘Food and Festivals’ as part of
this we will be looking at different types of celebrations including Diwali, Birthdays and of
course Christmas, if you have any other celebrations happening at home please share them
with us so that we can learn more about them. This could be a wedding, christening or even
celebrating an individual achievement such as swimming or football.

Our focus book and emergent writing this term will be based around Goldilocks and the
three bears. We will be telling stories through pictures and emergent writing as well as
sequencing and retelling the story. The children continue to enjoy ‘squiggle while you
wiggle’ which is a gross and fine motor programme to develop the muscles ready for
writing. In maths we will be comparing objects by size and using the appropriate vocabulary
e.g. big, small, tall and short. As well as daily counting practice we will be focusing on
developing number recognition to 5. If you have any old birthday cards with numbers 1-5
on they would be gratefully received to support this learning on the mark making table.

As part of our ESDGC (education for sustainable development, and global citizenship) we
will be asking that each child design and make only one Christmas card as their home task
this term. This should be written to the whole of Nursery and will be displayed for everyone
to share and enjoy (details to follow).

Many thanks to everyone who is up to date with their snack money payment. We ask for a
contribution of £1 a week which can be paid weekly or half termly. This half term is 7 weeks
long, please put all money in a clearly named envelope on a Monday morning. Also, now
the weather is getting colder please ensure that all coats and accessories are clearly labelled
with your child’s name. We try to encourage the children to be as independent as possible
in putting their coats on themselves. You can find the method we use in school be googling
‘putting on a coat – Montessori style’.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Many Thanks for your continued support.

The Nursery Staff are as follows:
Nursery Teachers:
Mrs Hill & Mrs Duncan
Nursery Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jones
Mrs Witts

Nursery times: Morning Nursery 9:00-11:30am Afternoon Nursery 12:45-3:15pm

A teacher will be standing by the door with a Nursery diary at drop off times and collection
times. Please give us any messages at this time. If your child is being collected by someone
other than you, we will then write it down. Please let us know of any other adults that you
are happy for your child to go home with, such as Grandparents. If you are stuck in traffic or
need to make a last minute change to your collection arrangements, please call the school
office on 2056 4345. If you haven’t told us of any changes, we will not let your child go
home until we have spoken to you.

Library: Children borrow one book from the library each week. Books should be returned
the following week. Children will not be allowed to take a new book home if the previous
one hasn’t been returned. Please let us know if you have an accident with a school book.
Snack Time: We are a healthy school and operate an open snack time. This means that the
children have free access to milk and water as well as a variety of fruit and veg, which we
encourage the children to try throughout the nursery session. Please let us know about any
food allergies. We ask for a £1 contribution each week please, you can pay this half termy or
termly if it is easier. This half term is 8 weeks long

Magic moments: We are really keen to know about any anything exciting/ any achievements
that occur for your child outside of school. They can share these with us and the class. Feel
free to write anything- it may be ‘Johnny tried mashed potato for the first time’ or ‘Katie
started swimming lessons’.

Toys: Please do not bring toys into the nursery as they can easily get lost or broken. You
may, on occasion, need to bring in a toy as part of a topic- this is fine but will be looked at
and not played with.

In Nursery we try to use as much Welsh as we can and each day a new child is chosen to be
the ‘Helpwr Heddiw’(Todays Helper). Each week we will be sending home Tedi Twt (Little
Ted) with the individual who has been the Welsh speaker of the week.

Topic: Our topic this half term will be ‘I’ve got a body’, We will be using this time to learn
about everyone and what makes them special. Look out for updates on schoop for home
tasks. We will be working on counting to 10 using 1:1 correspondence and recognising
numbers up to 10.

As part of our work on Language, Literacy and Communication we are developing our
listening and concentration skills.  There are lots of fun activities including playdough and
giant tweezers to develop the children’s fine motor control in preparation for early
writing. You can find more information by searching for the ‘nip, flip, grip’ pencil trick.
We would also like to collect examples of print in the environment throughout the term, for
a display in our writing area. If you could help your child to collect ‘words’- from packaging,
magazines, photos of signs they see, etc., that would be very helpful. They can be brought in
as and when.

There is a lot of information here, which may or may not be new to you. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to approach us.

Make sure you also sign up to Schoop for updates and reminders.

The Nursery Team

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