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Our topic this term is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ we will begin our learning journey with this traditional tale and will develop it to include construction and different types of materials, houses and homes in our locality and around the world or journeys – such as the journey of the wolf, depending on the interests of the children.

As part of our letters and sounds we will continue with listening activities including songs, stories and rhymes. We will continue to distinguish between speech sounds and working to blend and segment words orally. Phase 2 will introduce the first set of letter sounds (s a t p), and will begin to move children on to blending and segmenting with letters. The children will also learn to read some high-frequency ‘tricky’ words: the, to, go, no.

In mathematical development the children will continue to read and write numbers to 10 and begin to look at numbers up to 20 by understanding that teen numbers are ten plus some more. The children will begin to understand larger and smaller numbers as well as beginning to find one more and one less using a number line as a guide. The children will continue to familiarise themselves with coins and money by learning their names through playing with money in a real life context through role play.

Digital competence
Digital competence is one of 3 cross-curricular responsibilities, alongside literacy and numeracy. It focuses on developing digital skills which can be applied to a wide range of subjects and scenarios. In Nursery we follow the Computing Unlocked scheme of work for IT skills. The children develop these skills further and apply them in a cross-curricular way which address the expectations and requirements of the Digital Competency Framework (DCF).

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