Pastoral Care

At Hawthorn Primary School we are very proud of our approach to fostering good relationships. Our children are given, through example and through their learning experiences, opportunities to develop good social skills and behaviour.  Each class teacher is concerned, for not only the educational progress, but also for the personal and social development of your child.  We aim to combine high expectations with a sensitive approach.

Sometimes problems do occur and we involve parent/carers sooner rather than leave it until later and we hope you as parents, will do the same.  Changes in circumstances can cause your child to behave differently in school; just as worry over school work or falling out with a friend can cause you problems at home.  We guarantee the confidentiality of any discussion.

Pupils in their final year are given increased responsibilities and are encouraged to set a good example to younger pupils through displaying a mature attitude in their conduct and the way they relate to all adults and each other.    We aim to foster a spirit of independence and self-discipline.

In the event of a pupil taken ill or sustaining a minor injury, the parent/carer will be informed and appropriate arrangements made.  Emergency services will be summoned in the case of a major injury and parents/carers informed immediately.

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