Planning For The Future

In the May of 2010 the school had a very positive inspection report.  The school was graded good or outstanding in all 40 judgements with no significant shortcomings in any aspect.  The word outstanding was used 17 times in the summary alone.

There were two recommendations in the report in order to move the school forward:

  1. To further develop learners self-assessments skills;
  2. To improve provision for work related education

This year the school has continued to use a number of strategies to further develop learners and raise standards across the school curriculum.

These include:

  • Implementing the new Literacy and Numeracy Framework into the School Curriculum
  • To further develop writing skills with a focus on all abilities
  • To use “Big Maths” to raise the level of skills in Maths and Numeracy
  • To further develop reading skills in Welsh as a 2nd Language
  • To ensure progression and continuity in the use of incidental Welsh.
  • To develop our capabilities in the use of Emerging Technologies to help pupils learning experiences.

A school improvement plan linked to our school aims and vision has been developed.   This is then broken down into annual action plans to help the school focus on its aims to give the pupils the best possible education.

How Will I Know How My Child Is Progressing?

Apart from the freedom you have to see the class teacher during the year, there are formally arranged Parents Evenings.  Notice of these is given each term, with the last one coming after the written report in the Summer Term.  At the end of each year all pupils from Y2 – Y6 are given tests in Reading, Number and Reasoning skills. These tests are standardised against other pupils throughout Wales, thereby giving an accurate picture of your child’s progress and attainment.  At the end of Year 2, all children are assessed in English, Mathematics and their personal and social development.  Year 6 children are assessed in English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh. It is anticipated that the average child will attain Outcome 5 by the end of Year 2, and Level 4 by the end of Year 6.

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