School Lunch


Children may eat a school lunch or bring a packed lunch.  A drink is available with a school dinner or a drink may be brought to accompany a packed lunch.  However, please do not bring glass bottles.

Meals are served from 12.00 to 13.00.  Children may be entitled to free school meals and application forms can be obtained from the school office.  Dinner money will be collected on a Monday and should be placed in a clearly labelled envelope.

The school canteen serves a varied and nutritious menu, which costs £2.00 a day (£10.00 a week)

At Hawthorn Primary we encourage a Healthy Ethos in all aspects of school life.  If your child has a packed lunch; whether it is on a trip or in school each day, a “Healthy” option is encouraged.  Fill your child’s lunchbox with healthy, tasty foods- like whole grain bread, fresh fruits, and vegetables, lean meats, low fat or fat free milk and 100% juice.

Each child is encouraged to drink water in school in order to keep hydrated and to aid concentration.  There are water bottles that can be purchased at a cost of £1.50

Link to the school meals menu.

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