Transition Advice

Pupils transferring from home to the Nursery are encouraged to visit the school with their parents prior to their start date.  In the weeks leading up to their enrolment the Nursery/Reception teacher will make arrangements for the new pupil to visit the school. Here they will receive information to support both parents and pupils through the early weeks and months of their child starting school.  We operate an open door policy so parents are encouraged to communicate with staff and vice versa to ensure that the pupil’s transition from home to school is as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Admissions Advice

Admission to the Nursery is not based on school catchment area, and any parent/carer can apply to the LA for a place. For the rest of the school, if you are living in the schools catchment area, and there is room in your child’s particular year group (the maximum for each year group is 30), then your child can be admitted to the school.

If you are living outside the catchment area, then your child can attend the school if it is your choice and there is room.  All applications will have to be made to Pupil Admissions at County Hall.  In all cases, whilst the Headteacher is pleased to talk to parents/carers about their child’s education, the LA is responsible for all admissions to the school.

Link for further information regarding admissions.

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