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We have finally finished all our bridges and I must say the pupils did an amazing job. They worked really well together in groups and used lots of materials like wood and cardboard. They have shown they can confidently and safely use tools like saws and glue guns. We were also able to use our numeracy skills by measuring the lengths, widths, perimeters and areas of the bridges. Some even found the volumes!! I’m sure you will all agree that they look fantastic!

Take a look at our pics during the exciting visit of Terry Davies and his team from Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd. Your children actually built a cable-stayed bridge, just like the Second Severn Crossing. To prove that it was safe, they all tested it. Don’t worry, none were lost at sea!

Last term we have been doing Design and Technology. The pupils were asked to design a bridge that could carry cars across the River Taff but still allow boats to go under. They were given specific measurements that it had to be so lots of maths skills too!! Look out for our finished designs.

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