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Creating games with circuits:

We have used our knowledge of circuits to design and make question games. We wrote questions that had multiple choice answers and then had to wire the correct answer for each question to light up a bulb. It was quite hard to do, but we managed to use parallel circuits and made switches to make sure that only the correct answers lit the bulb. It was hard work, but great fun!

Experimenting with circuits:

Previous Topics

Patagonia & Wales

Here are a few things we have found out about Patagonia this term. We’ve researched the weather, compared the food we eat in Wales with what they eat in Patagonia, written letters, pretending we are a Welsh settler from 150 years ago, as well as lots more!


We have been investigating friction this term. Some children decided to find out which type of shoe would be best to wear in icy weather, when the ground is slippery.


Some of our Magnets, Springs and Friction work.


Here is just some of the work we have done this term. We’ve written newspaper reports about the Mary Rose, designed and made model Tudor houses, as well as made timelines to show when each monarch came to the throne.

Braces bread making visit

On Monday, February 13th, Braces Bread came to talk to us about bread. We learned about the history of bread through the last 10,000 years, as well as how to make bread. We baked our own bread and learned how it fits into a healthy, balanced diet.

Celtic Topic Work

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