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Year One

Come and meet the team! We are a small, but dedicated team. The class teachers are: Mrs Lord and Mr Ingram, with the class TA being Miss Williams. Our LSAs are Mrs Turley, Mrs Milton and Mrs wicks.

Summer Topic – Our Beautiful World

We have our new topic for this term and we will be looking at the many different and varied aspects of our beautiful world.

What can year 1 do to help save our world?

What do we already know about the problems we have and how can we save endangered animals? We will be researching Whales and Polar bears, using maps and atlases to locate seas and oceans, using Google Earth to investigate similarities and differences of animals habitats. Experimenting to see what happens to light when oil floats on water and how ice is formed and what happens when it melts.
Using our IT skills we will be searching for information in kids planet and BBC Bitesize to make posters about our beautiful world. Using pastels we will be mixing colours to understand the colour wheel and thinking about how we could help endangered sea creatures by creating understanding of their plight.
In music and dance we will be recreating the sounds and noises of the oceans, with routines that can show our understanding of the movements of creatures in different continents. In our outdoor learning we will be using our five senses to observe our beautiful world and consider how we might be able to record and save our observations.
Sounds like a fantastic term ahead !

Class One Photo Gallery
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Class Routines

Please find below information on our class routines:


Your child’s’ reading books will be changed weekly. one book of their choice at the appropriate reading level. They will also bring home their keywords. Please encourage your child to read at home and practice their words. We really appreciate your comments in their book.

Snack and Water

  • Please bring a water bottle and snack daily.
  • Ensure water bottles and snack pots are clearly labelled.
  • Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day. (This is in addition to any drink’s bottle included with a packed lunch)
  • Please ensure their water bottle is clear and contains only water and their name is clearly marked.
  • Water bottles can be purchased from the office.

Forest School

On planned occasions your children will head to the forest in our school grounds for ‘Forest School’. Wellington boots from school will be used when appropriate as it can get quite muddy!


  • PE kits should be brought in on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Please ensure your child’s clothes are labelled and trainers are included.

School Uniform

  • Please ensure that all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Missing uniform can be found in the lost property box.
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