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Roots and Shoots 20.6.18

This half term we are learning about plants. We began by planting some flowers to use in our experiments. We are trying to find out what conditions plants need to help them grow strong and healthy. We measured our plants and made some observations. We will do this every couple of days. We have also looked very carefully at some other plants to identify their main features. Do you like our lovely sketches?

Shadow Puppet Theatres 17.5.18

We really enjoyed making our shadow puppet theatres. We wrote our own scenes from the Iron Man story by Ted Hughes and made our puppets out of black paper. We then went into the computer suite, turned off the lights and enjoyed watching each other’s performances!

17.5.18 Programming

This term we have been learning how to write simple algorithms. This is a set of rules written on the computer. We have used used Tynker and Blockly on the iPads to write short programs and Kodu on the PC’s to create our own worlds! This week we were introduced to Dash and learnt how to make him move, change colour and speak. It’s been great fun.

Science: 10.5.18

We are learning about light and shadows in science this term. So far we have discovered that darkness is the absence of light. We used our boxes to investigate this and we also had a dark cave in the classroom to crawl inside and feel what complete darkness was really like. We then cut and painted our boxes to make shadow puppet theatres. Yesterday we experimented with mirrors. It was great fun.

14.2.18 Ghastly Gravy

This morning we took part in a workshop presented by the Food Standards Agency. It was great fun and we learned so much. Lily enjoyed the music and the competitions. Nathaniel said, ” It helped me remember how to clean my kitchen properly” and Rahig said that she didn’t know about the Four c’s – cleaning, chilling, cross contamination and cooking but now knows how important they are to keep us healthy and safe from bacteria. It was a very interesting morning and we would like to say thank you to Gethin, Jenny and Gwen!

1.2.18 – Instruction Writing

We had great fun today learning how to follow and write instructions to make a paper pirate hat! First we followed the instructions whilst watching a video clip – it was pretty tricky! Then we wrote the instructions down in our own words. We loved our hats so much, we even wore them to lunch!  Don’t we look dashing!

4.12.17. Science

This half term in science, we have been learning about forces. Firstly, we learned about pushing and pulling forces and planned and carried out a class experiment with toy cars and different surfaces. Today, we worked in groups to plan an investigation using magnets. We used different kinds of magnets and paper clips and chose our own question to investigate. We carefully discussed and planned how we were going to carry out the experiment and organised our results into a table. We then wrote about what we had found out and explained whether our prediction was correct. Mrs Marshall was very impressed with our work and said that we were super scientists!

17.11.17 Y6 Reading Buddies

Every Friday morning we read with our Year 6 Reading Buddies. We read to them and they read to us. We talk about our books and ask and answer questions. We really enjoy Friday mornings!

9.6.17 Enterprise

We had a great time planning and preparing for our Enterprise Afternoon. We all worked really hard (with the help of some of our mums and sisters) and produced some super crafts to sell.

When the day came, we were very excited. Would anyone buy our crafts?
Well, we are pleased to say they did! There was hardly anything left and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We counted the money and worked out the total profit for our class. It was £67.15! Wow – really impressive.

So thank you to everyone who came and supported us and we hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos we took to remember the day.

19.5.17 Programming

Over the past few weeks we have been learning how to write a short computer program.

We started by finding out that an algorithm is a set of instructions. We then learnt how to write an algorithm and to debug! Sounds very complicated doesn’t it!

After all this written work we finally got to try out our new skills on the computers and had great fun writing our own programs. Take a look at our short video to see how we got on.

<a href=””>Class Three Programming</a>


28.3.17 Scientists for the Day!

Wow, we have had a fantastic day here in Class 3. We have been scientists all day and have investigated, researched, questioned, planned and experimented with lots of different materials.

Firstly, we investigated using equipment that we borrowed from Techniquest. Then Mr. Davies from Griffiths Construction – who is working at Llandaff Station – gave a talk about the different materials they are using to build our new train station.

Finally, we used the techniquest boxes once again and focused on a specific material and its uses and used our research, note taking and presentation skills to complete a piece of independent work. Yes, wow! A very busy day!

9.3.17 World Book Day

We had a great time today celebrating World Book Day. Thank you mums, dads, grannies and grandpas for helping us look so amazing! We created and illustrated some alternative covers for our favourite books and we all went home with a new ‘World Book Day’ book of our own.

1.3.17 St. David’s Day

We had a lovely time today looking at all the super St. David’s Day craft. Every class in the school took part and the ideas we all had were amazing. It was also great to see our families taking a look at our work after school too. Ardderchog Hawthorn!

14.02.17 – Sea fish

Wow! What a busy week we’re having and we’re not even half-way through yet! This afternoon we continued with our work on healthy eating and learnt all about fish and how and why it is so good for us. Some of us made a lovely smoked mackerel pate and we all tasted it with an ice-cream cone! It was actually very tasty and very good for us too.

13.02.17 – Brace’s Bakery

We had a lovely treat this morning when Mr Jones from Brace’s Bakery came to our class and told us all about bread and how to make it. We have been learning about healthy food in science and today’s lesson showed us how bread is made and which ingredients are needed to make a nice tasty loaf! Some of us did the mixing and kneading and after it was cooked, we all got to taste the delicious loaf at the end of the day – yum! We also got to take some home too! Thank you Mr Jones.

27.01.17 – School Voice Project

Our new approach to the ‘School Council’ enables everyone in the school to take part and have the opportunity to think of different ideas about how we we can make our school a better place.
In Class 3 we had lots of good ideas such as a classroom notice board, more footballs, bird feeders and a class pet! We held a vote and Oscar’s idea to feed the birds in our playground won.
We used the iPads to find out what we wanted to buy then we told Mr Dinsmore our idea and he gave us some money for the project. Miss Shillabeer went shopping and then we got to do the best bit – filling and organising the bird feeders.
We put them on the trees in the playground and have had lots of fun watching and collecting information about the different kind of birds that visit.
We have also used the information in our maths to draw frequency tables and graphs.

13.12.16 – Christmas Craft Day

Our Christmas Craft Day was a great success. We made lots of different cards and decorations. Although, we think we will still be finding glitter in our classroom for at least the next year!

1.12.16 – Maths with Techniquest

Techniquest came to help us use our maths skills in a practical way. It was great fun and as you can see from the photos, we all took part and answered lots of questions.


Have you been wondering why there has been a lorry in our junior playground all week?

Well, it was a fantastic interactive display and activity about the life of Jesus. As you can see from the photos, we had a lot of fun whilst learning together!

We have also been very busy inside the classroom making clay pots and using word photo to show off our Boudicca nouns and adjectives.

The Celts

Here is some of the independent skills-based learning work we have been doing in our Celts topic.
We have really enjoyed learning about the way the Celts used to live and how it was so different to the way we live today.

Please click on the link below to learn more about Celtic jewellery.

Celtic Jewellery

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