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Year Three

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda a chroeso yn ôl!

Happy New Year and welcome back to another busy term here in Class 3.

This term our topic focus will be geography based.  We will be learning about life in Patagonia in South America and comparing the natural features of the landscape to Wales. We will also be comparing the climate and the towns and cities.

In English we will be learning how to write our own fable and how to write dialogues and instructions. We will be learning to explain and present our ideas using relevant and topic based vocabulary and we will be improving our reading skills through discussion and group reading as well as working on our expression when we read out loud.

In maths we will be multiplying and dividing and further developing our understanding of fractions and proportion in number work. Whilst in practical maths we will be learning about position, direction and co-ordinates and learning how to collect data to create our own tables and graphs. We will also be doing lots more problem solving and of course we will keep working on our times tables!

Dance is our PE topic as well as rugby with Zeb every other Friday and in art we will be pattern and print making.

We will of course be using IT across all our subjects and learning how to keep safe on line.  We will continue to improve our Welsh oracy, reading and writing skills when we learn about ‘Y Tŷ – The House’and we will also be using our Welsh skills across the curriculum by writing about Patagonia!

So, as you can see we once again have lots to do, so keep looking at our page over the next few weeks for updates and news about how we are getting on.


Class 3

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