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Our Beautiful Planet

We are already well into our topic for this term – Our Beautiful Planet.

The topic started with a letter from Mother Earth, explaining how we needed to help save our beautiful planet by finding out more about the animals that are endangered.

The children worked in groups looking at amazing photos of the world and then wrote some fantastic descriptions.

We have used the fiction book dear Greenpeace to find out about whales and how we can help them. The book also helped the children to learn about writing letters to different people. They wrote their own letters to Greenpeace and then read the replies back.

The children have found out lots of information about whales and dolphins from a range of non-fiction books and from looking on the internet. This helped to make a whale fact sheet and helped us to compare whales with the tadpoles in our classroom.

To develop their story writing skills, the children have been read the Just So story about How the Whale Got His Throat.   They focused on using interesting sentence starters and different connectives to make compound sentences.

The children also worked in groups discussing which they thought were the most important parts of the story and put their ideas down in a triangle ranking.

Previous Topics


Our topic for this term has been Birds. The children have had a great time learning lots of new information and practising new skills in a wide range of activities.

First of all we looked at how birds survive in winter. This led on to writing winter descriptions using adjectives and similes.


Cold frost like paper ripping and melting like ice,
Bright reflection as blurry as a camera,
Icy river like a mirror on an ice rink
Snowy bare trees as white as a duvet.


From finding out about birds, Class 2 have been learning more about non-fiction books. They have used labelled diagrams.

They have made an index.

They have learnt about writing captions for photos.

The children learnt about the differences between fiction and non-fiction writing and made hats to show what they had learnt.

To be able to make an information poster about birds, first Class 2 had to learn how to use Pic Collage.

The children practised their thinking skills using a triangle diagram to rank the bird’s body parts.

In maths, the children have been working on developing their money skills. They have practised these skills to make up amounts and work out change in the class museum shop.

The children have become really good at identifying the different birds and comparing them.

For the Big School Birdwatch, they had to apply their data handling skills to upload our results and to draw their own charts.

As part of our work for St David’s Day, Class 2 have been retelling a Welsh legend. In writing about Y Ddraig Goch, the children practised lots of literacy skills.

Victorian Homes and Christmas Around the World

We had such fun learning new skills this half term.  We’ve carried on learning about Houses and Homes and began researching lots of information about homes in the past.

We were especially interested in Victorian Homes and we read books about life in Victorian times.

We looked at powerpoint and on the internet, practising our research skills.

Our ICT lessons also taught us how to keep safe on the internet.

We made our own Victorian house in our home corner and used role play to learn about washdays.

In maths we learnt about sorting using three criteria.

We also learnt about Carroll diagrams and applied our skills in topic work.

Using the standards units of cm and m, we practised our measuring skills.

During the half term we were lucky to learn more about keeping safe from a visit by the local firefighters.

We had fantastic fun raising money for Children in Need.

After learning about Christmas in Victorian times, we compared our Christmas celebrations with those in other countries. Class 2 had amazing fun making decorations for children from schools all over Europe. These are some of the countries who sent wonderful Christmas decorations:

Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Estonia, Croatia.

We found the countries in atlases and made our own maps.

We had practised our drawing skills earlier in the term. Our final version of the poinsettia plant looked amazing.

For our own Christmas work, we practised our Nativity play and did amazingly well developing our oracy skills. Our teachers were very proud of how we performed.

Class 2 are working really hard on our topic for this half term –  houses and homes.

The children have already learnt lots of new skills as part of their topic.

In Literacy, they have been reading and retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel, learning how to make it more interesting using speech.

From learning how to write good questions in Literacy lessons, they have been able to
transfer their skills to find out more in topic work.

Class 2 have enjoyed exploring feelings from the story in music and dance.

In Maths, from learning the number bonds to 10 and 20, they have been able to practise their skills in practical activities around the classroom and outside.

From drawing the patterns on houses and on natural objects in outdoor learning, the children have been able to apply more maths skills of shape, tessellation and repeating patterns.

They have really enjoyed exploring what they can build out of natural materials.

Of course, there is still much more to learn. Over the next few weeks the children will be finding out more about the homes in Llandaff North and using the results to make charts and graphs. They will be writing their own version of Hansel and Gretel with descriptions of places and characters.

In science they will be exploring different materials used in building and their properties. In Welsh they will be learning how to talk about where they live. Our trip to St Fagans in October will help to find out more about homes in the past.

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