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My Brilliant Body

Class 2 had a great half term learning so many new facts about their brilliant bodies.

In literacy work, the children began by reading the story of the Hare and the Tortoise, which they then retold orally with the help of their story maps. They learnt lots of new skills to be able to write an interesting retell, such as character descriptions, more interesting vocabulary and speech.

To be able to write a good fact sheet, the children needed to learn about some of the main features of information writing, such as subheadings and labelled diagrams. As part of learning about keeping healthy, they found out about good hygiene and wrote clear instructions about how to wash your hands.

In maths, Class 2 focused on learning number bonds up to 10 and then applying this knowledge in other contexts, such as in the outdoor areas. The children loved learning how to measure accurately in cm and m and haven’t stopped measuring since! They also began to use counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help solve problems.

The children were all so enthusiastic about finding out new facts for their topic work. They researched online, in books and asked grown- ups. They loved Dr Emma’s talk all about the Human Digestive system. The visit to Techniquest gave the children even more opportunities to find out new facts and practise their skills. An important part of keeping healthy is to know about medicine safety. The children came up with the main rules as a class.

In creative work, Class 2 looked at line, colour and pattern. They used these skills to draw cut fruit and then to paint their pictures very effectively with watercolours.

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