Year Two Class Links

Year Two

Space – to infinity and beyond

Class 2 have had loads of fun this half term learning about Space.

The children have learnt so many new skills across
the curriculum.

In literacy, the children have been finding out
about non-fiction books and how they can use
the same features to make their own books.

They have learnt how
to use labelled diagrams,

And captions,

And a glossary.

They have also used their
questioning techniques to plan.

The children sequenced the photos
of the Apollo 11 mission to help them
write their own recount, using special time
words for ordering the events.

They applied their reading skills
to learn about the Apollo Missions
and thought about other ways to
find out about the past.


In Maths, Year 2 has learnt
how to measure accurately in centimetres.

In DT, the children applied their measuring
skills to make accurate models of a space shuttle.


They needed to use their reading skills and
good cooperation skills as well.

In Art, the children worked in Mission Teams
to design and draw their own mission badges.

They also learnt how to use pastels effectively
to show the different colours of their Mission Planet.

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